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[movies]'Moon' Is Born. The Story of 'Project Vanguard', 1957/07/04
(1) story of Project Vanguard as geophysical year opens (IGY) - 3-stage 72-ft rocket will launch from Patrick AFB in FL, animation of stages separating, tracked by radar stations and telescopic camers, computers on ground, "man's first stride into space" (2) Sweden Albatross sailing ship in NY "those sails are nylon" (3) "The AF puts on a mighty show of power for its departing chief of staff Gen. Nathan Twining" who is becoming Chief of JCS - planes fly over, Canberra, B-52 (4) portable a-power ...
Downloads: 1,756
[movies]2,000-MPH Jet. Johnson Reveals U.S. Super Plane, 1964/03/02
LBJ press conference, 1st since taking office 100 days ago, speaks about the A-11, tested at 2,000 mph, at 70,000 ft - still pictures of the A-11 - used titanium metal, also shared with SST program (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,383
[movies]2200 Men Out On Strike At Motor Plant, 1935/04/24
"Toledo, Ohio: Huge crowds of pickets patrol the approaches to an automobile factory when negotiations between workers and owners fail. Francis J. Dillon explains the American Federation of Labor's position in the industry."
Downloads: 1,356
[movies]25,000 March In Giant Back Salary Protest By School Teachers 1933/04/17
"Chicago, IL: Parents and pupils join in a huge demonstration, tangling traffice for blocks as hundreds of thousands line the streets of the Loop to watch the bizarre procession staged by employees of the Board of Education, whose pay is eight months in arrears." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration)
Downloads: 991
[movies]40,000 March In Gala Parade On St. Patrick's Day, 1936/03/18
(1) "New York City: Forty thousand sons and daughters of Erin march up Fifth Avenue in a stirring revival of the annual St. patrick's Day parade. Half a million Gothamites watch the tremendous spectacle from packed curbstones and vantage points in high buildings." (2) Jafsie Back Home For Quiz "New York City: Dr. Condon, famous Lindbergh case witness, returns from a sudden Central American vacation to face further questioning, by Governor Hoffman, in the Executive's struggle to sift Hauptmann's ...
Downloads: 1,857
[movies]50 Megatons. U.S. Protests New Red Test , 1961/10/19
(1)Russian H-bomb test announced by Khrushchev speech at 20th party congress; Dean Rusk speaks from UN that (2) "Animal Corner" in Siberia (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,158
[movies][Missing Title], 1958/08/23
(1) Nautilus sub returns to New York harbor, after North Pole transit and transatlantic crossing, 60 Navy wives missed husbands since April, Admiral Rickover greets Capt Anderson (2) new helicopter carrying topedo takes off from destroyer to hunt subs, rather than using depth charges. (3) 1st Boeing jet transport with noise suppresoor arries from Puerto Rico (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,245
[movies]MacArthur Closes In On Manila, 1945/01/15
(1) "At Ormoc: The famous U.S. 77th Division moves in on Ormoc from the sea. With heavy mortars, concentrated tank fire and the convincing deadliness of their flame-throwers, they subdue the Japs. Jap re-enforcements coming in by barge are blown to bits by Yank artillery. Victory on Leyte is made certain. At Mindora: A giant amphibious fleet steams through enemy waters for Mindora (below Luzon). Intercepting Jap planes soon drop from a sky filled with ack ack bursts...
Downloads: 2,390
[movies]MacArthur in Battle, 1944/03/13
(1) "General Douglas MacArthur, after 19 months of creeping warfare, is seen on the bridge of a plunging flagship, heading into one of the boldest moves of his South Pacific campaign. And a new type of landing operation is up for trial dependence is to be placed on surprise, rather than on pulverizing naval bombardment. Los Negros Island, in the Admiralties, is sighted, and the 5-inch guns of Uncle Sam's destroyers bark into action...
Downloads: 3,024
[movies]MacArthur Makes Good His Promise,1945/02/05
1) MacArthur speaks "I shall return," (4) 5,000,000 Servicemen Want V-Mail [sound]; original letters photographed to 16mm negative film, 1800 letters on each spool. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,101
[movies]MacArthur Renews Vow, 1944/04/17
(1) "What of MacArthur? 1944, an election year, finds America buzzing with the question 'What about MacArthur?' The General appears as a personage in our reel, who is being banqueted in Australia, the continent which he saved from the Jap. He speaks with all conviction and honesty of which a human being is capable, reiterating his promise that he will return to the Philippines. But our study brings more than a mere statement it gives the movie audiences of the nation a long sought opportunity to...
Downloads: 1,214
[movies]Management Labor Seek Agreement, 1945/11/08
(1) AFL's William Green speaks at Washington DC conference, Eric Johnston speaks (2) Berlin Faces Hard Winter (3) World's Biggest Cannon (4) Victory Loan Steams Full Speed Ahead. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 557
[movies]Manila Free of Japanese Domination, 1945/03/22
"The Battle of Manila (Additional pictures, just received, showing the details of the terrible battle between MacArthur's Armies and the fanatical Japs). The Japs, content with delaying actions against the Yanks, as they retreated southward in Luzon, resolved to put on one of their fanatical 'death stands' within the confusion of Manila. The motorized U.S. 1st Cavalry Division enters Rizal Stadium, where Jap fire meets them from the bleachers and the stands...
Downloads: 16,412
[movies]March Of Events In Congo Crisis, 1960/08/04
(1) Belgian paratroops withdrawn from Congo arrive at Belgium airport, march in parade (2) New Jersey - new antenna receivers will bounce message off moon back to earth - dish at Owndown NJ receives signal from California sent to moon - audio of telephone call made from Bell Labs, with 5-second delay (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 2,418
[movies]Marines In Action. Dominican Rescue, Vietnam Offensive, 1965/04/29
(1) Rebel movement collapses in Dominican Republic, after U.S. Marines sent in (2) Marines in South Vietnam patrol around strategic air base of Danang (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 3,028
[movies]Marshall Succeeds Byrnes, 1947/01/09
(1) Washington, DC: "Because of poor health, State Secretary James Byrnes steps down after the arduous task of fighting for peace. General Marshall, returning from China, is named to succeed him." (2) NY harbor pier fire in Weehawken; Tokyo fire (3) Ike Denies Political Ambitions - Eisenhower speaks (4) Sking Thrills - snow skiing, slalom, ski jump at intercollegiate meet (5) British Chelsea arts ball (complete newsreel).
Downloads: 1,123
[movies]Maryland, 1957-05-30
Vanguard satellite assembled in MD (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 764
[movies]Mayor La Guardia opens Red Cross drive, 1938/11/09
Mayor La Guardia opens Red Cross drive. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 970 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Mayor Samuels Proclaims City Defense Week, 1941/11/24
Mayor Samuels of Philadelphia speaks. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 545
[movies]McNamara On Vietnam. New Moves Counter Red Infiltration, 1965/04/26
McNamara points to Vietnam map, shows machine gun, shows photo of destroyed bridges, speaks that more North Vietnamese regular troops being sent into south, communists have lost 89,000 in last 4 years (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 2,448
[movies]Mexico, 1960/09/19
Mexico celebration of 150 years independence, bells of Dolores Hidalgo rung by president of Mexico for anniversary (2) Los Angeles banquet of theater owners convention, award to Doris Day (3) Football - Navy vs. Boston College
Downloads: 1,733
[movies]Mid East Crisis. Area Quiet Pending U.N.-Summit Talk, 1958/07/24
(1) Nasser in Cairo celebrates anniversary overthrow of Farouk; Robert Murphy meets Shaboul? in Lebanon; Americans evacuated from Iraq since revolution killed King Feisal; King Hussein of Jordan, cousin of Feisal; US aid airlifted by Globemasters to Jordan to help young King Hussein; Khru wants summit meeting at UN about Mideast (2) New York harbor arrival of Copenhagen speedboat that made 1st transatlantic crossing with outboard motor "by latter-day Vikings" (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,059
[movies]Mid-East. Israeli-Egyptian Battle Erupts, 1967/06/06
(1) Mideast war develops from Gulf of Aqaba blockade; Arab socialists support Nasser in Cairo, Nasser signs pact with Hussein; Jordan tanks roll; chief-of-staff Rabin and officers (2) news in brief - 2 US helicopters make 1st nonstop transatlantic flight to Paris; world's largest jetliner DC-8 at Paris Air Show (3) Boston Roxbury riots, stores burn at night; 40 arrested (4) Vietnam - entire village evacuated from DMZ (5) Quemoy underground facilities manned by free Chinese, balloons sent to main...
Downloads: 13,214
[movies]Mightiest War Game, 1932/02/22
Navy battleships and aircraft carriers prepare for Hawaii war games. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,462
[movies]Mikoyan In N.Y. No. 2 Red Sees City Under Heavy Guard, 1959/01/15
(1) Mikoyan good will 10-day mission starts in New York, in Macy's, to Wall Street, to UN building (2) News In Brief - St. Peters Cathedral new Episcopal bishop Lichtenberger installed (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 683
[movies]Missile Bases. Castro Balks At U.N. Team, 1962/11/01
(1) U Thant returns to NY from meeting with Castro regarding Cuban Missile Crisis, speaks to press (2) Salinger at White House (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,220
[movies]Missile Milestone. First Polaris Firing By Submerged U-Boat, 1960/07/21
Polaris missile loaded from truck to sub at Cape Canaveral, missile hatches opened on USS George Washington, missile fired 1100 miles to its target, then 2nd missile fired.
Keywords: newsreel
Downloads: 9,081 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Missile Passes Test. Titan 3-C is Most Powerful Known, 1965/06/21
Launched with 2 solid fuel boosters on its sides, "tracking camera follows it with unbelievable clarity," and "a triumph for the Air Force." (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,786
[movies]Molotov Here For Security Conference 1945/04/23
(1) "At the invitation of Pres. Truman, the Soviet Foreign Commisar arrives in Washington to confer with the President, Sec. Stettinius, and Anthony Eden before the West Coast United Nations meetings convene." scenes of Molotov arrives at Blair House in DC, on way to San Francisco conference (2) Aviation in the News - "Jumbo Aeroplane Tire - Wright Field, Ohio, An aeroplane tire measuring 110 inches and weighing three quarters of a ton, is regidly tested on a machine which is equally unique...
Downloads: 1,500
[movies]Money Stream Flow From Treasury 1933/03/20
"Washington, DC: Remarkable scenes showing Two Billion Dollars in Federal Reserve Bank Notes being turned out by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to meet the current cash famine. William H. Woodin, Secretary of the Treasury, praises the efficiency of the plant, and tells how the resulting bills will relieve the situation." scenes of Secretary Woodin in money printing plant, trucks carry cash to banks...
Downloads: 2,508
[movies]Monster Flying Wing, 1946/06/27
(1) "Inglewood CA: A new chapter in aviation development is written as the twenty-five-ton Northrup flying wing takes to the air. The tailless craft has a wing span of 172 feet and will weigh fifty tons fully loaded." (2) Personalities in the News - "John W. Snyder takes office as Secretary of the Treasury. He is sworn in by Fred M. Vinson, chief justice of the Supreme court. Benjamin Fairless, president of United States Steel, is awarded the Medal of Merit by Secretary of War Patterson, for his...
Downloads: 2,769
[movies]Monty Comes To U.S., 1946/09/13
(1) "Britain's famed 'Hero of El Alamein' receives a royal welcome as he arrives for a United States tour. First stop is at West Point, where he reviews a full dress parade by the Cadets. Washington, DC: Met by General Eisenhower at the airport, 'Monty' goes to call on the President at the White House, and later places a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington." scenes of Montgomery visits West point, then to Washington DC, greeted by Ike and Omar Bradley...
Downloads: 1,214
[movies]Moscow Parley. P.O.W. issue Stalls Russo-German Talks, 1955/09/12
(1) Adenauer becomes first German chancellor to visit Moscow, met with Bulganin (2) "Maneuvers. Nato Troops Hold War Games in Italy" - tanks, jets - "The free world's first line of resistance should the spirit of Geneva prove an illusion and the efforts for peace come to naught." (3) Ike meets political leaders in Colorado (4) Queen Beatrix of Holland christens a new destroyer (5) Miss America in Atlantic City (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,056
[movies]Moscow, 1965/05/13
Moscow parade shows missiles that use solid fuel, small and large (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,247
[movies]Mr. K. And Castro. Top Reds And Allies Get Chill Greeting, 1960/09/19
Cuba's Fidel Castro arrives at Idylwild in NY for UN meeting, surrounded by security guards, speaks at airport in English; Novotny of Czech and Gomulka of Poland, speaks in Polish, Khrushchev arrived on boat on East River, Pier 73.
Downloads: 2,337
[movies]Mrs. F.D.R. In Red Cross Appeal, 1940/05/22
"Washington, DC: In a stirring appeal to the public to donate $10,000,000 to the Red Cross War Relief Fund, Mrs. Roosevelt says that the horrors of war abroad make necessary contributions from all Americans!" (sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking) (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 946
[movies]Mrs. FDR Tells One, 1943/09/30
"Eleanor Roosevelt convulses audiences as she relates a whopper involving the Japs and her husband." sound of Mrs. Roosevelt speaking. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 8,580 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Mussolini Executed, 1945/04/30
Mussolini Executed - "Il Duce Obit 1945 - Benito Mussolini orates before his Black Shirt Legions and confers with his arch conspirator, Hitler. Reverses strike and Hitler rescues him from the Allies. Currently, he returns to Milan only to be tried and killed in the same inglorious way that he had meted out punishment to his political foes." (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 10,095
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